We are Rayser.

Employee ownership is the heart of our culture. Because everyone should be invested in success. Everyone should be rewarded for hard work.

Our roots run deep. Since 1971, we’ve been here in Cedar Rapids and our portfolio continues to blossom into exciting spaces around the Midwest.

Today, our experience spans so much more than the healthcare subsidiaries that started it all. But that same commitment to employees, customers and community continues to drive our team.

Rayser is ready to go forward. Come along, bring your business into a brighter future. Let’s grow together.

good people.
good business.

There’s strength in support and confidence in our shared services. We’re here to take care of your people while you do what you do best.

Community matters, too. Our opportunities stay true to the identity of your business. You can stay local and compete in the global marketplace. At the same time.

Go bigger. Be better. We have everything else covered.

meet the team

Michelle Jensen

President & Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Jensen provides leadership and direction as Rayser seeks to grow its family of companies. With over 25 years of experience in varied industries, Michelle enjoys learning about new opportunities and additional avenues of growth for current business lines.

Michelle lives in Cedar Rapids with her husband and daughter. They enjoy traveling but also spend time biking and exploring local venues and events.


Brent Bormann

Chief Financial Officer

Brent Bormann guides Rayser’s investment strategy including new business analysis and evaluation. Brent utilizes his accounting background and experience to effectively partner with all of the stakeholders in the business to identify and answer critical questions to help move their business forward.

Brent enjoys his active life with his family, especially his five children, and can often be found on a ball field, or at an event supporting one of his kid’s activities.


Angie Hoover

Chief Operations Officer

Angie Hoover assists current divisions with human resources and employee integration. Angie utilizes her operations experience to engage and on board new businesses focusing on continual improvement. Her varied leadership background provides a platform for assisting company leaders with formulating solutions.

Angie loves spending time with friends and family when she and her husband are not shuttling their two kids between dance classes and ball practices.

Board of Directors

Michelle Jensen

Leadership, Chair of the Board of Directors

Brent Bormann b&w

Brent Bormann

Leadership, Board of Directors

Terry McGonegle b&w

Terry McGonegle

Board of Directors

Angie Hoover, Rayser Board of Directors

Angie Hoover

Leadership, Board of Directors

Rachel Adams

Board of Directors

Trevor Monnig

Board of Directors


Ray Buser full color

Ray Buser

Founder, Member of the Board Emeritus

Ray Buser, founder of CarePro Health Services, was integral in the growth of CarePro, the creation of the ESOP and the philosophy of developing a holding company. Ray believed in hard work, treating others with respect, honesty and building value. The establishment of the ESOP concept grew from Ray’s desire to reward the efforts of those that helped build the company. These core values are what Rayser was founded upon.

Ray retired from the board in 2015 and is still a trusted advisor to the management team of CarePro and Rayser.