New Leadership at KELTEK Inc.

KELTEK, Inc. announces new president Victor Aspengren

Michelle Jensen, President & CEO of Rayser Holdings, Inc., announced that Victor Aspengren will join Keltek, Incorporated October 1, 2019. Victor will lead Keltek, Inc. as President of the company.

Victor has 20+ years’ experience with employee owned companies as a former CEO, HR manager and professional ESOP service provider. Victor is a member of the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) and is a past chair of the Board of Directors. Victor is also a member of the National ESOP Association and has served as a former Board of Director’s member and is a current member of the Ownership Culture Committee and the ESOP Association’s Strategic Planning Committee.

Jensen stated “I’m extremely excited to have Victor as the President and leader of Keltek. His outstanding track record and experience in all aspects of business and leadership along with his knowledge of ESOPs will make him the perfect fit to lead this recent addition to our portfolio.”

KELTEK has been in business for over 23 years supplying law enforcement, ems and fire departments with vehicle upfitting, computers, cameras, and connectivity products. We are proud to protect those who protect us and to serve the public safety industry. KELTEK was incorporated in 2007 and has continued to grow with a commitment to technology products and our customers.

Rayser Holdings, Inc. was established in 2018 to diversify and enhance employee ownership. Keltek joined CarePro Health Services as part of the portfolio in January 2019. Rayser looks forward to welcoming future organizations that will enhance the portfolio.

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